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Basic knowledge AquaNEVO filter system

Is the water quality from your tap not good enough for you or do you want to save yourself the trip to the beverage market?
An AquaNevo water filter in the kitchen or at the entrance to your home provides the best drinking water. And filtered water is healthier and more environmentally friendly than bottled water.
With water filters you improve this special good, which is exposed to many pollutants and bacterial sources on the way to your tap. Such pollutants are reliably filtered out by the activated carbon monoblock. Alvito's over- and under-table water filters can be combined with the carbonite water filters in addition to the filter cartridges manufactured by Alvito. In this category you will find further basic knowledge about water filter filter systems.

AquaNevo Filter

All Alvito water filters need so-called filter cartridges. These are the actual filter and are used in the housings of the filter systems. The different housings and filter cartridges of Alvito and Carbonit can be combined and exchanged. A filter cartridge must be changed every 6 months due to hygiene regulations.
Alvio offers different versions of water filters, which differ in installation, material and area of application:

Filter cartridges

Alvito Wasserfilter PatronenThe filter cartridges consist exclusively of an activated carbon monobloc. With some Alvito filter inserts, EM ceramic and/or CLC limescale protection granulate is added to the actual water filter insert. As already described above, Alvito filter cartridges can also be combined with water filters made of carbonite. All Alvito filter cartridges can also be used with water swirlers, as they have a suitable water flow. The absorbed pollutants are stored in the activated carbon of the filter and are not returned to the water. Due to the very uniform fineness of the Alvito filter cartridges, silver or stainless steel for disinfection can be dispensed with.


Table for connection to the water tap

Alvito Wasserfilter am WasserhahnOn-table water filters are mounted on the sink, in the kitchen. These Alvito filter systems are particularly easy to install and changing the filter cartridge is also very simple. Even a water whirler can be combined with them perfectly. An Alvito table-top water filter is made of high-quality plastic. The Alvito Inox is the premium version of the Alvito tabletop filters. This water filter is made of stainless steel. The IONOX stainless steel water filter is made by Alvito.


Installation under the sink

Alvito Einbau Wasserfilter unter der SpüleAlvito built-in water filters are the elegant way to use filter systems in your kitchen. These Alvito water filters are installed under the sink and integrated into the piping in various ways. In this way, all cold water can be filtered, a 3-way tap can be used for the existing tap, or a separate tap is installed in the sink so that the filtered water can be taken from another tap. The Alvito built-in water filters also offer the possibility of installing an inline water swirler in the water pipe. The Alvito Aquanevo water filter is made of high-quality plastic.


Alvito Water Vortex

Alvito WasserwirblerAlvito water swirlers bring movement to your tap water. The Alvito water swirlers made of stainless steel reduce the water cluster with the principle of natural swirling. In the tiny swirl chamber of the Alvito Water Swirler, the water is brought to a high speed and thus the effective swirling motion can begin. Alvito water swirlers can be combined with almost all carbonite and Alvito water filters. The important difference is the filter cartridge. A filter cartridge with a high flow rate is recommended, otherwise the water filter cannot provide the desired result.

Alvito AquaNevo water filter

Alvito Aquanevo water filter systems are manufactured in Germany ("Made in Germany"). In combination with high-quality processed raw materials such as the activated carbon in the filter cartridges, Alvito filter systems deliver the maximum in quality. The Alvito AquaNevo water filters can be combined with filter systems from Carbonit. This means that the various filter cartridges can be installed in the various filter systems.
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Alvito AquaNevo auftisch Wasserfilter basic zum anschluss an den Wasserhahn
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Reasons for a water filter

Permanently clean drinking water

By buying a water filter you save yourself the time-consuming purchase of bottled water and the resulting costs. A water filter provides the whole family with the best water. This is suitable not only for drinking water, but also for making tea, coffee and for cooking, animals and plants. An activated carbon water filter from Carbonit and Alvito offers you, in contrast to osmosis systems with reverse osmosis, a water which allows all the minerals already contained in the water to continue to be contained. Thus a filter system provides fresh, clear water at all times. Over time this becomes a matter of course and encourages drinking

Good drinking water with a water filter

With the use of a water filter system, you not only improve your health but also contribute positively to your ecological balance. Since the environmental balance of tap water is significantly better than that of bottled water. In addition, bottled water pollutes the environment during filling, transport and return and recycling of the packaging. Water from PET bottles can also contain undesirable substances such as acetaldehyde or the toxic heavy metal antimony. Since the quality of tap water can vary greatly depending on its location, a water filter is the safe solution for clean drinking water. The activated carbon water filters from Carbonit and Alvito leave the already dissolved minerals in your water and only work through the already contained pressure in your water pipe and therefore do not consume electricity or other energy.
You profit in the long run from filtered water

Alvito Garantie Wasserfilter Aqua-NEVOIf you filter your water yourself with a water filter, you are in control and remain independent. The high-quality Alvito and Carbonit filters reliably remove many unwanted and dangerous pollutants over the long term. The filtered water also tastes much better and is often described as fresher and softer. This can be noticeably enhanced by installing a water whirler. This refines the structures in the filtered water and this returns to a natural freshness and quality. The combination with a drinking water dispenser is also possible, which adds carbon dioxide to the filtered water. With a filter system you invest in your health and vitality. Alvito stands by its quality and offers a 5-year guarantee on most AquaNevo products (indicated in the article - click: guarantee).
You will be pleased with the ease of use and the savings made by a water filter
Various filter models and the matching filter cartridges are available for the perfect individual adaptation of your system. With the exception of the Carbonit Quadro house connection, the installation of the respective water filter can be carried out without any problems in just a few steps. Even changing the filter cartridges is done by yourself in a few minutes and has to be changed every 6 months due to different regulations. The operation of the filter is just as easy and comfortable. The investment costs and the regular maintenance costs are relatively low. A 4-person household can easily save more than 500.00 € per year compared to bottled water.
The filtering and optimisation of tap water is particularly important to us. However, there are always controversial discussions about it,
whether such treatment is necessary at all, or whether the water coming from the tap is not already of sufficient quality. The disadvantages associated with bottled water are not even clear to many consumers. Therefore, we supplement our statements with independent media reports and film contributions on these topics.

Alvito GmbH Nuremberg and its founder and managing director Harald Preisel represent a sustainable corporate culture, with whose values we fully identify!