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On its long journey from the depths of the earth to your tap, drinking water comes into contact with many different materials. And they almost always leave their traces in the precious water - more or less desired. The water quality of the drinking water is measured in the waterworks and becomes the responsibility of the house owner from the point of connection. But it is usually a long way from the waterworks to the tapping point. Carbonit drinking water filters can ensure the water quality you desire here.

Carbonit Wasserfilter Sanuno Auftisch Wasserfilter zum Anschluss an den WasserhahnWasserfilter Carbonit Vario zum einbau unter der Spülecarbonit wasserfilter duo 2 Filterpatronen in Kombinatio zum Beispiel gegen Kalk oder Nitrat

Water treatment

With the innovative activated carbon drinking water filters from Germany, you can be sure that the majority of possible pollutants in your water are filtered out. Even residues of medication, pesticides and heavy metals are reliably removed and are not released back into the water even when overloaded. The exceptional performance of the Premium drinking water filters, the safety and hygiene of the Carbonit monoblock filters have been independently tested and confirmed by the TÜV. The right filter insert for every purpose to obtain premium water. Carbonit activated carbon filter cartridges make a contribution to environmental protection by being manufactured in Germany with low levels of pollutants and at the same time still being recyclable.
They clean your water without consuming energy, just with the already existing pressure in your domestic water pipe. Original Carbonit replacement cartridges offer a promise of function and the comforting feeling of using high quality products. Carbonit is certified according to DIN ISO 9001 (quality) and DIN ISO 14001 (environment)

Carbonit devices

From the complete solution for the entire house, to stationary activated carbon filters in the kitchen such as the SanUno water fiter on the table or the Vario - HP water filter under the table, to the Go mobile version, we offer the right equipment for every application. Water has the unique property of dissolving substances of any kind in itself. Unfortunately, this means that undesirable substances are also transported from the long pipe networks into our households. Therefore, high-quality filtering of drinking water by means of activated carbon filters at home is the only way to obtain water of the highest possible quality from the pipe.
Quick overview of the water filter devices

Carbonit Wasserfilter Schadstoffe filternThe exceptional performance of the activated carbon filters, the safety and hygiene of the Carbonit water filters have been independently tested and confirmed by TÜV. Find out how to get the best possible water: Carbonit Premium drinking water filters are easy to install, easy to maintain and extremely inexpensive. Natural raw materials: The natural basis of the water filters "activated carbon" is processed and refined by a worldwide unique and scientifically proven process. All raw materials used and processed in activated carbon filters are residue-controlled and monitored by the LGA. They comply with strict European standards and values. Expert opinions from renowned institutes
State-of-the-art technology ensures unparalleled filter performance. Activated carbon filters combine an exceptional filter fineness of up to 0.45 µm with the high adsorption effect of activated carbon. The filtered water comes out of the tap like spring water, there is no longer any need to carry heavy crates, thus saving costs. The drinking water is filtered in an environmentally friendly cycle without additional energy.

Carbonit is a member of the Environmental Alliance Saxony-Anhalt and the Environmental Initiative OWL. Please observe the enclosed instructions for use. Above-average filter performance Carbonit filters stand for capacity-controlled filter change for "performance to the last drop". In case of contamination the filter closes itself (strongly reduced water flow). Recommended filter change for the Carbonit NFP Premium filter insert after 6 months (DIN 1988) or after 10,000 litres. For a faster water flow, please use the Carbonit IFP Puro filter insert.

Delivery: Our Carbonit and Alvito Premium filters and activated carbon filter cartridges are usually ready for shipment when ordered within 13h and the delivery time is 5-7 working days.


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Activated carbon instead of reverse osmosis!

While researching a water filtration system for your home, you may have come across reverse osmosis or Brita Kannen filter systems in addition to activated carbon. However, we do not recommend such a reverse osmosis or Brita can system. These methods have the following disadvantages:
When the volume of the filter is exhausted, the filter does not close like a monoblock filter, indicating that the filter is exhausted, but can suddenly and unnoticed return the pollutants to your filtered water. If water is left in a reverse osmosis filter for a longer period of time (at low use), germs can form which are then released into your drinking water.


Due to the increasing nitrate pollution in our groundwater, which is due to increased fertilization of arable land, Carbonit has decided to develop a protection against this dangerous pollutant. Unfortunately, the nitrate from the groundwater also gets into our tap water, as the local filter systems are sometimes not designed for it. The nitrate is converted to nitrite in the body. This can cause discomfort, especially for pregnant women and small children, and it is suspected to be carcinogenic. The nitrate ion exchange resin is ordered with the IK refill cartridge and filled into it. We also offer a complete range that can be used in SanUno, Vario and DUO filter units: Nitrate water filters.

Filtered water

Water is the most important food. Pure and healthy water provides clarity, well-being and a more carefree attitude to life. The premium products from Carbonit follow this claim. If water should not only be clear but pure, if water should not only be clean but healthy, if it should not only be available at all times but also taste particularly good, then Carbonit activated carbon filters "Filter Made in Germany" are the right choice for clean water in many countries of the world. Since 1997 Carbonit has been developing and producing internationally patented and TÜV-tested filter elements for the treatment of drinking water in Salzwedel, Saxony-Anhalt. Carbonit is market leader in Germany and Europe and guarantees the highest filtration performance and optimum water quality for industry and consumers. Carbonit activated carbon filters have an enormous sales potential due to their high quality and competitive price level. Internationally, sales of carbonite systems are growing in medical technology, the pharmaceutical and beverage industries, in mobile water supply systems on ships, trains, aircraft or motor homes, and last but not least in private households. These successes and numerous awards make Carbonit a strong brand.
Does the best possible water come from the tap?
Tap water is a product and its production is a compromise between quality and cost. This is understandable, because of the 130 litres of tap water consumed per person per day in Germany, only about 4 litres are used for drinking and cooking. So about 97% of the tap water is used as service water: for washing up, bathing, personal hygiene, dishes, gardening, cleaning, etc.
Who wants to bear the high costs of providing water of the best possible quality when most of it is not even drunk?

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Natural raw materials

The main component of a carbonite water filter, the activated carbon is scientifically processed and refined like no other product. All raw materials used in the activated carbon filter are residue-controlled and monitored by the LGA. They also comply with the strict European values and standards. In addition, the modern technology of the Water Filters ensures incomparable filter performance. Activated carbon filters combine an exceptional filter fineness of up to 0.45 µm with the high adsorption effect of activated carbon.
  • ​like spring water from the tap
  • no carrying of heavy water boxes
  • Filter water in an environmentally friendly cycle without additional energy

Carbonit Filterpatrone Querschnitt

The company

Carbonit is a family business and owner of the international patent rights for the production of sintered activated carbon block filters. The company is part of the westagruppe with headquarters in Gütersloh, North Rhine-Westphalia. The traditional group of companies is managed in the third generation by the managing partners Dr. Peter Westerbarkey and Jan Westerbarkey. Carbonit feels a strong bond to the Altmark region and the city of Salzwedel and is involved in many cultural and social areas. Carbonit is a sponsoring partner of the German Swimming Association's water jumping division.

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