Carbonit SanUno Auftisch Wasserfilter

Carbonit Sanuno Auftisch Wasserfilter am Wasserhahn

Carbonite table top filter Connection to tap

With a table-top filter you can filter your water very cheaply and easily yourself. For the installation of the water filter, usually only the outlet strainer on the tap is replaced with the enclosed diverter valve. On-table filter systems are located next to the tap on the sink. Installation is particularly simple and quick. The Sanuno Design stainless steel is also very attractive for the kitchen

With the Carbonit Sanuno water filter you get a ready-to-install table-top filter unit in complete equipment for the filtration of your drinking water. The water filter is quickly and easily installed at the tap by replacing the outlet strainer at the tap. With a small selection lever on the changeover valve, you can choose whether the water is directed to the filter or flows unfiltered from the standard built-in tap. With just a few simple steps, which anyone can take care of, the convenient table-top water filter is installed and is immediately ready to provide healthy drinking water for the whole family. Carbonit offers you the possibility to choose your suitable system from five variants. Standard adapters for your tap are included in all sets so that the filter can be connected immediately. The existing water pressure in your water pipe is sufficient for filtration and no additional energy is required to operate the water filter. You can use all activated carbon Mononblock filter cartridges from Carbonit and Alvito.

The carbonite table-top filter for kitchen and bathroom. The Sanuno water filters range from the low-priced Classic version with the activated carbon filter cartridge NFP Premium, the Sanuno Vital with EM ceramics and swirler to the exclusive Carbonit Sanuno Inox made of stainless steel.
The filter is connected to the regular water tap, for which a switching valve and adapter for internal threads are included in the scope of delivery. The assembly of the different Sanuno variants is very easy and is done in a few steps.
The following products are offered:
The Carbonit Classic is the standard filter unit. It already contains a Carbonit NFP Premium, an activated carbon filter monoblock
The Carbonit Basic is the basic version on which the other models are based. Here the filter cartridge can be selected individually.
The Carbonit comfort contains an IFP Puro filter cartridge. The combination filter cartridge of activated carbon filter + membrane IFP Puro provides a high water flow.
The Carbonit Vital works with a Carbonit EM Premium filter cartridge and enlivens the filtered water through turbulence, making it even tastier.
The Carbonit Inox is completely made of stainless steel and comes with a NFP Premium.
As special products we offer the SanUno lime and the SanUno nitrate.
überzeugt durch seinen extrem hohen Durchfluss mit 8 L/min und seiner guten Filterleistung
185,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Carbonit Sanuno Nitrat Auftisch Wasserfilter kalk
175,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Carbonit sanuno em wasserfilter
150,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Water filter on the tap

Sanuno water filters from Carbonit are the simple basic variant when it comes to efficiently purifying your water with activated carbon filters. However, a Sanuno water filter can also be further upgraded. With a water swirler you can improve the taste of your drinking water even further. A water vitalizer can also be attached to the water pipe under the sink to provide all the water with less surface tension. With a Carbonit Sanuno pre-filter kit you can upgrade your existing Sanuno water filter by connecting the two filters together.

More information about Carbonit SanUno

- basic - filter cartridge selectable
- classic - with activated carbon Monoblock NFP Premium
- comfort - with IFP Puro combination cartridge for fast flow
- EM - with activated carbon monoblock + EM ceramic
- EM Puro - combination cartridge + EM ceramic for fast flow
- vital - activated carbon + EM ceramics + water whirler + vitalizer
- Lime - activated carbon + decalcification
- Nitrate - Ion exchanger against nitrate pollution
- design - Stainless steel water filter on the tap
The evaluation of our tabletop filter products with activated carbon speaks for itself.
Here you can find the water filter test results