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Alvito filter cartridges - Filter inserts

convince by a very uniform filter fineness and the use of a maximum amount of activated carbon in the smallest possible space. This results in the largest possible contact area, which is decisive for the enormous filter performance with simultaneous fast flow. The absorbed pollutants remain in the filter insert, which closes itself automatically according to the degree of clogging by absorbed substances. The Alvito filter cartridges last up to 6 months, depending on the amount of water filtered and water quality.
The installation of the Alvito filter cartridges is very easy, just like with the cartridges from Carbonit. For on-table and under-table drinking water filters, which is the main area of application for filter cartridges, only the housing has to be unscrewed, the old filter insert removed and the new filter cartridge inserted. The Alvito filters can also be combined with filter units from Carbonit without any problems, as they have exactly the same dimensions. All Alvito filter cartridges are suitable for use with a water swirler.
Alvito Filterpatronen Filtereinsatze Filterkartuschen


Was filtern Alvito Wasserfilter FiltereinsätzeDue to the high active carbon content in a compact volume, the filters have good mechanical filtration properties and they offer a high reliability to permanently bind the once adsorbed substances and thus remove them from your drinking water. In the Alvito filter insert, the water travels a very long way through the individual layers and comes into intensive contact with the surface of the activated carbon and, if necessary, the EM ceramics. An effect comparable to natural depth filtration is achieved in a very small space. The taste-forming dissolved minerals are not filtered out by the Alvito filter cartridge and thus remain in the water. The natural balance in the water is maintained and can be further improved, for example, by installing a water whirler.
The Alvito filter cartridges are produced in Germany. The powdered activated carbon is food-safe according to DIN: EN 12915 and the production takes place without the addition of silver or other chemical additives.
Applicable in:
Carbonit SanUno tabletop filter
Carbonit Vario installation filter
Carbonit Duo installation filter
Alvito AquaNEVO tabletop filter
Alvito AquaNEVO built-in filter

All Alvito filter inserts are also suitable for use with water swirlers!
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Alvito water filter activated carbon filter cartridges

Alvito only offers activated carbon monoblock filter inserts. These are manufactured in a complex sintering process. This manufacturing process produces particularly high-quality filter blocks for use in filter units with an unimaginable number of fine pores and channels. This extremely high filter fineness enables the filter cartridges, some of which are also manufactured with EM ceramics, to remove even micro-patrices from their drinking water. Alvito water filter activated carbon filter cartridges also improve the taste of your drinking water.
Due to the very uniform fineness of the filter cartridges, the addition of silver for disinfection is not necessary.
Block filters with activated carbon from Alvito contain few binding agents and therefore a large amount of activated carbon can be installed in the filter in a compact volume. This means that they offer an extremely large contact surface for excellent filter performance combined with a fast flow rate, which also makes them suitable for combination with a water whirler. An Alvito filter insert can also be combined with carbonite water filters.