Carbonit Vario-HP installation undercounter water filter

Carbonit Vario Untertisch Einbau Wasserfilter

Carbonit Vario HP built-in filters

offer the elegant way to significantly improve your own water. Since the water filter is conveniently mounted under the sink, the technology remains practically invisible. The three different installation variants of Carbonit each offer their own advantages and many freedoms to improve the water quality.

The Carbonit Vario-HP installation filter is a filter unit with a filter cartridge for main use under the sink. The versatile Carbonit water filter Vario drinking water filter is offered by us at a reasonable price and can be easily connected under the sink. Depending on the model, the filter is completely ready for connection as a kit:
for branching from the cold water pipe (for separate drinking water extraction with 3-way tap) or for returning to the cold water pipe (for filtering all tap water) to your previous tap.
with separate tap or without tap for individual selection of a tap (see fittings)
The technology of the under-sink water filter always remains hidden under the sink.
All activated carbon monoblock filter cartridges from Carbonit and Alvito can be used as filter cartridges. These are included with the Carbonit Vario Classic, for example, or can be added to the shopping basket as with the Carbonit Vario Basic. The Carbonit Vario Universal can also be used flexibly.
The Vario under-counter water filters from Carbonit additionally offer the comfortable solution for connecting a 3-way tap. The connection of a water whirler is also possible. Here you can use a faucet water swirler to connect to the tap, or use an inline water swirler which can be installed in the water hose under the sink, thus taking your Carbonit Vario filter system to a new level.

The individual components of the Vario water filter have been tested in accordance with the DVGW guidelines and DIN EN 14898 and are made of food grade materials or raw materials. All housing materials comply with KTW recommendations and positive lists due to high-quality plastics (head & union nut: POM Hostaform C 2571, cup: Grilamid TR 90).

Carbonit Vario

The installation of the Carbonit Vario under-sink water filter is simple, the inlet side of the Vario is simply connected to the cold water corner valve of the existing connection.
Then three possible installation variants follow:

Carbonit Vario-HP Einbau filter wasserfilter

Variants for Vario installation

The explanations for the Carbonit Vario undercounter water filters shown above:

Variant A: All cold water at the existing tap is filtered, this variant requires a powerful combination filter (e.g. Carbonit IFP Puro). An example would be the Carbonit Vario Universal Water Filter

Variant B: The filtered water is taken from the additional tap (selectable)
and thus a low-cost monoblock filter cartridge (NFP Premium, Premium EM) can be used. However, an extra hole must be drilled in the sink for this purpose (e.g. Carbonit Vario Classic).

Variant C: Most comfortable solution, the existing tap is replaced by a three-way tap.
The filtered water is taken out through a third outlet in the tap, here too the inexpensive monoblock cartridge NFP Premium can be used. (Recommended variant) (e.g. Carbonit Vario kitchen filter).
Carbonit Vario-HP Kalk Einbau Wasserfilter Entkalkung Compakt
280,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Carbonit Vario-HP Sparset filter
Carbonit Vario-HP Sparset filter
299,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Installation Variants

Vario HP undercounter water filters from Carbonit are available in many different versions:
The Carbonit Vario Classic under-counter water filter is supplied with an NFP Premium filter cartridge and a tap. This Carbonit built-in filter system is one of the basic variants.
The Carbonit Vario Basic water filter is delivered without filter cartridge and tap, so that the filter cartridges can be ordered individually adapted to your needs.
The other Carbonit Vario HP under-counter water filter variants are offered with further specifications and special features such as a lime water filter or three-way tap.

Under table water filter Vario

The Carbonit undercounter water filters Vario are for installation in the kitchen. The under-sink appliances are usually mounted under the sink and are therefore completely invisible and do not waste space on the worktops. Carbonit Vario water filters are therefore also the most comfortable water filters in our range and are worth every recommendation.
Installation example Carbonit Vario under sink water filter

carbonit untertisch wasserfilter vario


If you would like to further optimise your under-counter water filter, there are various options available. As already included in some products, you can combine the water filter with a 3-way tap to make the water filter system more practical. It is also possible to install a water swirler on the tap or under the sink in the water pipe. If you would like to integrate another filter cartridge into your under sink water filter system, we recommend the Carbonit Vario pre-filter kit, which is simply connected before or after the existing water filter housing. It is also possible to install a water vitalizer on the water pipe. To increase the safety of your under sink water filter system, we recommend a so-called water stop, which is integrated into the water pipe under the sink.