Carbonit Quadro house inlet water filter House connection

carbonit quadro wasserfilter hausanschluss

Quadro monoblock filter

The Carbonit Quadro water filter house connection series is a central filter system for the whole house. As the filter system is installed directly at the house entrance, it ensures good water and protection of the pipes from the very beginning. The filter cartridges used remove chlorine, organic compounds and particles in particular. The monoblock Quadro thus makes all other water filters in your house superfluous, as all the water has already been filtered through the activated carbon into the water filter house connection.

Description House connection

The Quadro unit is designed for installation in the central water supply line after the water meter for filtering all domestic water. The unit block is made of POM (Hostaform C 2571), the filter cylinders of CrNiMo stainless steel (1.4541). For the installation of the Carbonit Quadro house connection water filter, however, a specialist is required! The active alcohols of the WFP Select filter cartridges reliably filter pollutants such as chlorine or organic compounds from your drinking water, so that you can drink it without worries. These substances are stored in the activated carbon and are not released back into your water. The Quadro drinking water filter is largely made of stainless steel, which guarantees water purity.

Dimension filter unit

- Filter unit (W x H x D) : QUADRO 60 : 310x580x240 QUADRO 120 : 310x980x240  
- Attention: For filter change a free space above and below the filter unit is necessary:
QUADRO 60 : approx. 280 mm each QUADRO 120 : approx. 500 mm each
 - Weight dry/wet : QUADRO 60 : approx. 16 Kg /24kg QUADRO 120 : approx. 25kg
Power Quadro
At a water pressure of 4bar: Carbonit Quadro 60 up to 4000 l/h Quadro 120 up to 6000 l/h
Thus, the two models differ only in water flow rate and price and not in filter performance.

Application notes

Quadro 60: 4 pieces Carbonite Monoblock WFP Select Quadro 120: 4 pieces Carbonite Monoblock WFP Select L
Installation only with a specialist!
Note the differences between the different Carbonit Quadro variants when buying.
If you need a Quadro 120 please contact Valls water filter for ordering and advice.

Filter insert Quadro house connection

For the different Carbonit Quadro house filters there are also different filter cartridges. The Carbonit WFP Select filter cartridge is for the Qudro 60 and 120, with the difference that the Quadro 60 needs the WFP Select and the Quadro 120 needs the WFP Select L. These two filter cartridges are very similar and only differ in price and flow rate.
The Carbonit Quadro -HP9 water filter needs either the Carbonit monoblock NFP Premium or IFP Puro filter cartridges.

Wasserfilter Hausanschluss

Carbonit WFP Select L Aktivkohle Filterpatrone für Quadro 120
83,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Carbonit Monoblock Aktivkohle Filter WFP Select (für Quadro 60) für den Hauseingangsfilter Quadro 60
45,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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