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Activated carbon Filter element

The right filter cartridge for all possibilities. The Carbonit filter cartridge is recyclable and thus makes an important contribution to the preservation of our environment. You clean your drinking water without additional energy or power consumption only by the pressure of your domestic water pipe. Original Carbonit replacement water filter cartridges offer a promise of functionality and the good feeling of having high quality and monitored products. Carbonit is certified according to DIN ISO 9001 (quality) and DIN ISO 14001 (environment) The Carbonit filter cartridges are suitable for all Carbonit and Alvito drinking water filters and the installation is very easy. In terms of size they are identical to the Alvito filter cartridges and so the two suppliers can be combined.
Compared to reverse osmosis filters, activated carbon has the advantage that it continues to store the stored pollutants when the filter is exhausted.

Water filter cartridges

The period of use up to the end of the service life of the filter cartridges (with regard to particle retention (screening effect)) is specified in litres or m³.
As an indication of the exhaustion of the filter cartridges, the decrease of the flow rate (l/min) to approx. 50% of the initial value is considered. The PRK values given refer to water with average particle load and should therefore be regarded as a guide value. A partly considerably earlier end of the period of use is possible. This is an indication of increased occurrence of fine particles in unfiltered water and should therefore not be regarded as a fault of the Carbonit filter cartridge. The base value for the Carbonit NFP Premium cartridge is 10,000 l.
Fineness /Bacterial safety of the filter

Carbonit FilterpatroneScientific studies show that activated carbon block filters remove the following substances well to very well:

-particles or suspended matter that are larger than the pores of the filter.
-bacteria and parasites that are larger than the pores of the filter.
-chlorine and chlorine compounds.
-Organic compounds (chemical compounds based on carbon), such as pesticides and pesticide residues, herbicides, insecticides, drug residues, hormones and hormone-like substances.
-certain heavy metals such as lead and copper.

Can be used in:
Carbonite SanUno tabletop filters
Carbonit Vario installation filter
Carbonit Duo installation filter
Alvito AquaNEVO tabletop filter
Alvito AquaNEVO installation filter

For the use with water swirlers are suitable from Carbonit:
only the IFP Puro and the Puro EM, because they have a high flow rate! All Alvito filter inserts can be used with water swirlers
Carbonit Monoblock Aktivkohle GFP Premium Filterpatrone
Carbonit GFP Premium Monoblock Filter cartridge
45,80 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
1 to 8 (from a total of 21)

Refinement filter insert

The natural material activated carbon is refined and prepared by a worldwide unique and internationally patented process. All processed raw materials are residue-controlled and LGA monitored. They comply with strict European standards. State-of-the-art technology ensures unrivalled performance. Carbonite filters combine an exceptional filter fineness of up to 0.45 µm with the high adsorption effect of activated carbon.

Easy installation

Usually the installation of the activated carbon filter in the filter units is easily accomplished. The oversink units are simply connected to the aerator. Prior to this, only the activated carbon filters must be inserted into the housing of the water filter (the same for under-sink filter units). Now you can produce and enjoy hygienically perfect drinking water.

Activated carbon filter cartridge

Activated carbon filter cartridges from Carbonit (type Carbonit: NFP, IFP, GFP, WFP, RFP) consist in the filter block exclusively of an activated carbon monoblock. As the activated carbon is a complete block, this offers the advantage over loose fillings that the filters work more effectively and are more hygienically sterile. The filter cartridges are available in different finenesses/porosities between 0.25µm and 30 µm and partly in 9 3/4" and 20" lengths. The main finenesses are 0.45 µm (Premium), 5 µm (Protect), 10 µm (Select) and 20 µm (Special).

For the Premium fineness most of the available expertises for the retention of bacteria, copper, lead, chloroform, lindane, DDT, atrazine, various drug residues and various pesticides apply.
It is contractually stipulated that the effective fineness Fe (sum of pore size and depth filtration) of a Carbonit NFP Premium must be less than 0.5 μm. This was determined in such a way, since the exact filter fineness is certified to retain bacteria (Ecoli,Enterococcus faecalis) for six months. These are at least between 0.5 μm and F 0.45 μm. This fineness of the filter cartridges is common practice in water management. The effective fineness Fe cannot be measured directly on a single piece of activated carbon. The fineness is the sum of the fineness per individual level (is determined by particle distribution, i.e. formulation) and the depth of this activated carbon layer (wall thickness S). It correlates with the measured value flow rate (l/min)

Combined activated carbon-membrane-ion exchanger Filter cartridges

Combined activated carbon-membrane-ion-exchange filter cartridges from Carbonit consist on the one hand of sintered activated carbon, which was processed as a monobloc, and on the other hand of
- axially integrated hollow fiber membranes (capillary membranes) with MF membrane 0.15µm (IFP Puro) or UF membrane 0.02µm (IFP Ultra).
- Ioine exchange resins for special purposes Lime.
Non-active carbon filter cartridges
Non-activated carbon filter cartridges from Carbonit are used for special tasks such as lime filtration:
- Type VFS: Pre-filtering of particles
- Type KFP: pure membrane filter (MF)
- Type IK: IK refill cartridge (NF2) with ion exchanger filling / granulate (among others GH or KH) optionally for the removal of lime

Filter cartridges

Our tap water contains many undesirable substances such as heavy metals due to deposits in pipes and many other reasons. The Carbonit monoblock filter removes e.g. heavy metals such as copper and lead, chlorine, drug residues, pesticides as well as microorganisms, lime and rust particles and many other substances and substances. A drinking water filter that not only saves you a visit to the beverage market and the associated costs but also contributes to your health. The effectiveness of the Carbonit filters is TÜV-tested and confirmed in numerous applications. Expert opinions from renowned institutes confirm the thorough, chemical-free removal of undesirable substances and substances by Carbonit filter cartridges.
The Carbonit filter contains no additives of any kind, for example silver or other chemical disinfectants. Dissolved minerals are retained in the water, giving it a healthy water quality, which can be further improved by installing a water whirler.
Partikelrückhaltekapazität PRK des Wasserfilters

Carbonit Aktivkohle Wasserfilter

The general filter properties of activated carbon are well known and have been extensively researched. While, for example, organic compounds (carbon compounds) are generally well adsorbed, the absorption capacity for inorganic compounds (salts) is rather low. Since activated carbon does not remove hardness formers (lime), it is not suitable for water softening. Among the substances that activated carbon block filters cannot or can hardly remove are
"Organic and inorganic particles or suspended matter that are smaller than the pores of the filter.
"Dissolved salts: natural minerals such as calcium and magnesium ions (which may also be useful to the body), nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, etc.
Filter cartridges, cartridges carbonite
The question of how well a carbonite or Alvito filter cartridge removes a specific, individual substance from the water cannot be answered easily in general.
Was filtert ein Carbonit Wasserfilter? Übersicht Carbonit Filterpatronen

Was filtert ein Carbonit Wasserfilter?

For concrete statements on the filter effect, it always depends on the individual situation. Due to the many parameters that can have an influence, the sampling capacity must be determined by a test in each individual case. Exemplary tests are possible, but can only be transferred to the respective situation to a limited extent. The fact that practically all chemical elements do not occur in the water in their pure form but in various compounds makes the determination of a concrete adsorption capacity even more difficult. Random tests for specific loads (e.g. lead and copper) can be carried out easily and relatively inexpensively. In contrast, tests for complex groups of substances (e.g. pesticides) or tests over a longer period of time and with a defined amount of water, especially germ analyses, are very costly.

If the question is whether an activated carbon block filter filter cartridge filters a certain substance from the water, it should first be clarified whether this substance is present in the water at all, in what concentration it is present in the water and what health significance the substance has in this concentration. A suitable explanation is whether an activated carbon filter can remove aluminium from the water. Aluminium is hardly ever present in water as a pure element, but almost always as a chemical compound, i.e. as a salt with phosphate, silicate, fluoride, nitrate, etc. However, as the adsorption capacity of activated carbon is different for each chemical compound, it cannot generally be stated for aluminium as an element. This means that the question of whether aluminium is removed from water by activated carbon cannot simply be answered with a general yes or no answer. Due to many influencing variables, the adsorption of the various aluminium compounds would have to be considered in the concrete situation. From another perspective, the question of the adsorption capacity of aluminium is put into perspective: the main aluminium intake is not from drinking water but from solid food, cosmetics and other sources such as packaging, medicines and vaccines.

The concentration of aluminium in tap water is usually low and is restricted by a limit value in the Drinking Water Ordinance. The fact is that most undesirable substances are often contained in solid food in much higher concentrations than in tap water. Therefore, when filtering tap water with filter cartridges, cartridges for home use (from our point of view), it is not primarily a matter of removing as many substances as possible. A filter makes sense in order to optimise the basically already good tap water with a reliable, easy to use and inexpensive technology, both in terms of content and taste. We generally recommend water filter filter cartridges such as the Carbonit NFP Premium filter cartridge or the Carbonit IFP Puro filter cartridge, as they are the standard filters from Carbonit and filter a wide range of pollutants.
Filter Cartridges
The water filter cartridges from Carbonit are mostly refined with natural raw materials. These water filter cartridges use activated carbon to produce a taste of tap water similar to spring water. The cartridges used are recyclable and thus make an important contribution to environmental protection, as the water filter cartridges clean the water even without energy. Water filter cartridges from Carbonit are also capacity controlled.

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