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Buy a filter unit for tap water: Here is an overview of our systems for filtering water
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How is the water improved?

Why filter water?

Water comes into contact with many different materials on its long journey from the depths of the earth to your tap. And almost always these materials leave their traces in the precious drinking water - more or less desired - and our tap water contains many undesirable substances. Drinking water filters devices filter out heavy metals such as copper and lead, chlorine, drug residues, pesticides as well as microorganisms, bacteria, lime and rust particles and numerous other substances from the water. The water quality of the drinking water is measured at the waterworks and becomes the responsibility of the house owner from the time of connection to the mains. The water treatment is in their hands from the house entrance. But it is usually a long way from the waterworks to the tapping point. Water filters can ensure and improve the good water quality here,

The effectiveness of the Carbonit drinking water filters is TÜV-tested and the quality of our products is confirmed in numerous applications. Expert opinions from renowned institutes confirm the good, thorough, chemical-free removal of undesirable substances. Results of the Stiftung Warentest were frequently carried out on Brita products and are not representative of the good quality in which our water treatment devices filter pollutants from the water. Water filter test reports
The water filtration system offers a further advantage. Due to the filtering process (if necessary in combination with a water whirler) the water quality is improved in such a way that the purchase of bottled water becomes unnecessary, thus saving you time and money.

Why use water filtration with activated carbon and not reverse osmosis?

In direct comparison to activated carbon filters mainly the disadvantages of reverse osmosis or reverse osmosis very clear. For example, if the exchanger of such a water filter is full, it can suddenly and unnoticed release the retained ions into the drinking water. An activated carbon filter cartridge, on the other hand, closes and thus clearly signals that its filtering capacity is exhausted and that a new cartridge must be inserted in the water filter. In addition, reverse osmosis filter systems have the problem that germs can form in the filter system if used irregularly.
In conclusion, on this point of discussion, an activated carbon filter for water treatment is not only cheaper, but also far ahead of a reverse osmosis filter system in terms of operating costs, safety and handling.

Which device do I want?

Which water filter you want to buy can be divided into main groups:
Table-top and under-table water filters.
Over-table water filter Under-table water filter


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Table filters have the advantage that they are somewhat cheaper than built-in water filters and the filter cartridges are easier to change.
However, they must either be connected to the aerator of the tap with a hose or connected to the cold water hose below through a hole in the sink.

In contrast, under-sink water filters can be mounted under the sink without taking up any space.
In addition, they can be connected to a 3-way tap, which provides a complete solution between cold, warm and filtered water and no further hole needs to be drilled in the sink.

Can I install the appliance myself?

All delivered water filter units include the material needed for the assembly.
The installation itself is usually completed successfully in a short time and does not require a specialist! Installation instructions are included with the water filters. You can also find a video for installation or filter change for some products. videos: Installation on table water filter - Installation under table water filter
A plumber is only required when installing a Carbomit Quadro house connection water filter.


Wasserfilter Patronen Carbonit AlvitoIf not already included in the scope of delivery (e.g. Carbonit SanUno/Vario-HP Classic), a filter cartridge that can be easily inserted into the respective filter system must be ordered separately.
As a rule, an activated carbon monoblock filter cartridge can be used for drinking water filtration, which is offered by Carbonit and Alvito. The quality of the tap water is reliably improved, as the activated carbon filters filter bacteria, heavy metals, dissolved pollutants, etc. from the water.
The difference lies in the filter cartridges flow rate, measured in litres per minute. For normal use we recommend the Carbonit NFP Premium or the Alvito ABF Primus SD.
If an Alvito water whirler is used, it is advisable to order a filter cartridge with a high flow rate (e.g. Carbonit IFP Puro or Alvito ABF Duplex SD).

The service life of 6 months is recommended throughout Europe. Thus, in addition to the specifications of DIN 1988, the epdwa guidelines, the HKI recommendations, as well as the findings of various DIN specifications (NAL LH/AK HW 0029) and DIN EN 14898 and the DVGW worksheet W 513 must be taken into account. Filter cartridges are wearing parts, therefore we also recommend changing the filter every 6 months!
Expert opinions from renowned institutes prove the thorough, chemical-free removal of undesirable substances. The filter contains no additives of silver or other chemical disinfectants. Dissolved minerals remain in the water.


Carbonit Alvito Wasserfilter filtern heraus        Wasserfilter Alvito carbonit Brita


Carbonit Nitrat FilterDue to the increasing nitrate pollution in our groundwater, which is largely caused by the use of too much liquid manure, an increased concentration can also be measured in our tap water. Already in 2012 the limit value was exceeded at 28% of the measuring points for groundwater control. A nitrate concentration of more than 50 milligrams per liter can already have considerable effects on your health, according to EU Commission information. This can be particularly worrying for pregnant women and small children.
Nitrates are the salts and esters of nitric acid. They can be converted to nitrite in the body. Nitrite blocks the transport of oxygen in the blood and is also suspected of being carcinogenic. To reduce the nitrate in drinking water we recommend a carbonite water filter for water treatment. To build a nitrate filter yourself is impossible and you risk your health. In order to reduce the nitrate in the well water, a larger filter system (nitrate filter well water) must be purchased. Unfortunately, you will not find these nitrate filter systems in our Water Filter Online Shop. Here to the Carbonit Filter Nitrate 


Carbonit Kalk WasserfilterMany people prefer to drink tap water instead of mineral water. But don't you know this turbidity in the water? This is tap water that contains too much lime, so the lime content in your drinking water is too high and should be reduced. Carbonit offers various lime water filters which effectively reduce the lime content in the water. Such a limescale filter reduces the amount of limescale in tap water by means of activated carbon and ion exchange resins. A Carbonit lime water filter is offered as a filter cartridge in our online shop. This lime filter cartridge is then used in a water filter. As water filter for the Carbonit Lime Compact filters from Carbonit (SanUno, Vario, CITO) can be used. The lime filter cartridge can also be used in the Alvitofilter water filter Aquanevo. A Carbonit Lime Water Filter not only reduces the water hardness (lime content), but also improves the taste of your tap water noticeably.t.

Faucets and water swirlers

Alvito Wasserwirbler und Alvito WasserhähneIn addition to your actual filter system, you can also improve the quality of your drinking water and upgrade the system by attaching a special 3-way tap or a water swirler. A 3-way tap simplifies water withdrawal to the extent that you can switch between hot, cold and filter water by means of an additional selection lever. This has the advantage that not all of your cold water is filtered and therefore you maintain the filter performance of your cartridge longer. In addition, a water swirler can be connected to most 3-way faucets. Through different swirl stages the surface of the water is increased and it gains solubility and vitality. This is noticeable in terms of taste and eliminates the need to go to the beverage market.

Carbonit water filters are one of the main product groups in our online shop. The filter systems are all manufactured in Germany ("Made in Germany") and are of the highest quality. Carbonit is a medium-sized family business and has been supplying our wholesaler for years. The water filters from Carbonit can almost all be combined with the filters from Alvito and are also partly suitable for the water swirlers. The installation of the Carbonit filters is also very easy with the enclosed operating instructions. Carbonit drinking water filters are either made of stainless steel or high-quality plastic. Further information: Water filter Carbonit or Carbonit filter

Alvito AquaNevo

Wassewrfilter made in Germany

Water filter test
A water filter test must first be carried out on a very defined circle of filters in order to obtain usable results. Since we mainly offer activated carbon filters in our online shop, we subject these filters to this meaningful procedure. We have advised you against reverse osmosis systems, as they remove all minerals. We also do this for so-called Brita can filters. In contrast to activated carbon monoblock systems, these have a loose filling of activated carbon and therefore germs can settle in the water. Tests of such systems have already been carried out on various water filters, and the number of germs measured exceeded one hundred times the general drinking water regulations. A sobering result was also achieved by Stiftung Warentest in 2014. In their water filter test by Brita, the filters disappointed in their main function: softening tap water. So they advised against the jug filters and referred to fixed water filter systems, as we offer them. The test results for our water filters can be found under Filter Systems - Water Filter Test

Often all water filters are also presented as germinators. However, these problems often have osmosis systems and can filters. For example, the table filter from BWT failed a water filter test with values three times as high as the drinking water ordinance allows. The most likely cause for the multiplication of bacteria and germs is usually a very moist surface. Link to the Carbonit certificates and tests


Carbonit offers many different types of water filters. Besides tabletop and under table water filters Carbonit also provides a water filter house connection and a travel filter. Carbonit Filtertechnik GmbH is the market leader in Germany and Europe and guarantees you the highest level of quality in filter performance and the treatment of drinking water. The continued presence of harmful substances in our tap water, with a very high proportion of plastic micro-particles added according to the latest findings, makes the use of water filters even more necessary.

Alvito GarantieBranded products that can be found in everyday use. In addition to water filters, Alvito also has a wide range of water swirlers, drinking bottles, base products and detergents and dishwashing liquids. The articles are all made in Germany and are subject to very high quality standards. The water filters can be perfectly combined with water filters from Carbot. In addition to manufacturing, Alvito also acts as a wholesaler for carbonite products. Alvito offers a 5 year warranty on many of its products


The use of water swirlers will provide a further, noticeable refinement of your drinking water.
Our water filter systems are mainly used in private households, but also in the food industry, water dispensers, pharmaceutical production and medical technology. Pure water is an essential aspect for sustainable health.


Alvito Basen ProdukteWith the BasenProdukte we now also offer organic and ecological food. Furthermore, the ingredients of the BasenZeit products are vegetarian or even vegan. They help to lower the acid level in your body and contribute to your general well-being. The products are also very digestible, well tolerated wheat-free and gluten-free. During the production process, no aromas, flavour enhancers, binding agents, preservatives or artificial colourings were added. Furthermore, there is no addition of sugar or other sweeteners, which additionally contributes to the health of the base products. Any sugar contained in the basic meal was already contained in the plants before


Drinking Bottles

Alvito TrinkflaschenWith the Tritan drinking bottles, high-quality reusable drinking bottles for private use were created. With the innovative plastic Tritan, these bottles are particularly environmentally friendly and thus ecologically very well tolerated. You can fill the filtered water into the bottles and enjoy it anytime on the road. The drinking bottles can be purchased from us at the standard conditions.



What distinguishes us from other water filter specialist dealers on the market is that we offer you high-quality systems, exclusively with activated carbon. These filter systems are manufactured by Carbonit and Alvito. This in combination with a very fast delivery time, good service and fair prices makes Valls water filters stand out from the other suppliers. The water filters are to improve your drinking water. We are an online shop for water filtration with the domain: https://wasserfilter.kaufen - since 1998! 
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